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Rainbow Bike by mrcolortvjr Rainbow Bike by mrcolortvjr
I decided I wanted to make a very exact digital version of my bike using Pedal I.D. from Pedal Mafia. So i dragged the images i wanted to the screen, and instead of sloppily dragging them into place, I decided I would do it with photoshop. I realized that this would give me control of colors, rotation, and sizes, along with more accurate placement.

After I finished it, I tried to make a gif of it doing a wheelie. This made me think to get a picture of myself on the bike and then shop it on the gif of the bike doing a wheelie. Now, I have yet to finish the project, but as i Looked at this cascade of bikes I had as the psd file for the gif, I thought, "Thats pretty cool, and it would be REALLY cool with colors!"

So here it is, the product of about 30 minutes of goofing about.

Probably the most productive 30 minutes of goofing about I have ever had

edit: I just realized that my inspiration for this piece came from when I was a lot younger than I am now. I was gaping at the homemade speaker my brother had just spent two hours in his room making. I thought it was amazing. He had taken apart a clock radio, and tied the wires together so that he could plug his Walkman into it. It was made out of a wine-box, an old teeshirt, and a large collection of stickers. I remember the 3 Santa Cruz sticker he had placed on it, all of them different colors, cascading just as this image does.

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June 11, 2009
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